North to the Border

During my third year at Cornish College of the Arts I was living in a sub-basement storefront space on Pike Street between Broadway and Twelfth Avenue on Seattle's Capitol Hill. The old wood-frame mixed retail/residential building was fairly run down, and the inside of my rental space reflected that. The large glass windows along the …

A Rock in the Hand

Hi and welcome to KurtThorsonPhotography blog. Here I will be carrying forth on all aspects of my over thirty years of photography experience. From my early introduction to photography as a way to record my artwork when I was in art school and my subsequent interest in and pursuit of travel photography as a career, to my ongoing and present work in outdoor and wildlife photography. The title to my first post "A Rock in the Hand" alludes to the old adage that "A Bird in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush". In consternating over the endless possibilities for my blog subject and content I've come to the place where having something is better than having nothing. So here we go. And why rocks. I don't know....I've always been drawn to rocks, and where I live, here in the San Juan Islands of Washington, I have plenty of opportunity to amaze at their endless variety. Sea tossed, wave polished, smoothed shaped forms. Photogenic. Timeless. Inspiring. A rock can connect you to an inner part of yourself left unexplored. Its igneous soul speaking from a time too far away to mention.