Kurt Thorson was born in The San Juans in 1952 and spent much of his childhood in the islands. An intense involvement in the arts as a potter led him to The Cornish School where he studied painting and drawing from 1975-1978, and was the winner of a Mark Tobey Scholorship. After a period of world travel he returned to Waldron Island where he lived for ten years in a cabin on The Nature Conservancy.

He has lived for the last 20 years on Orcas Island. He earns his living in these remote islands as a carpenter and photographer. Largely self-taught, Mr. Thorson has used his unique background to approach nature and wildlife photography with an artist’s eye for form and balance combined with a craftsman’s demand for quality. His sensitivity toward his subjects has been nurtured by years of daily contact in a rich environment.

Kurt’s photographs have illustrated books, cards, calendars and magazines.

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